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Sets Meherabad

Birthday Play 2016, Meherabad India

The theme of the play was Meher Baba's New Life. 

The concept for the sets consisted of two large cubes, one was 6' by 6' by 6', the other a massive 8' by 8' by 8'. These were to be on wheels so as to be able to be rotated and free to move around the stage. On each of the 4 faces of each cube would be a simple iconic image of the Meher Baba's New Life. These were to be built and painted over a 3 week period by a small but dedicated team of workers. 

I had worked with a painter named Lynn Ott during the 80's in what he called "The New Life Conference of Visual Arts". We worked as a cooperative team to create a series of massive paintings. We worked freely and supported each other creatively.


 I felt that now (30 years later) in India that for this play about the New Life that we too should strive to work in a similar supportive and open fashion and be free to create together. Inspired by being at Meherabad, we were fully focused on bringing this play to life for its one and only performance on February 25th 2016. It was a unique and productive experience for all (and perhaps hopefully a taste of the New Life).  

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